What Game are YOU Playing?

I had this thought a few nights ago, and it inspired an episode of our podcast, and this blog post.

This is more of a “mid point” type of business discussion, but let’s get into it.

We’ve gotten our business off the ground, we’ve survived the first couple years, and now we’re “cruising” for lack of a better word.


We’re now able to “punch the clock” in our business, go in, open up, work, close up…and play with toys that we feel are moving our biz forward.  But they aren’t.  We think they are, but we’re just spinning wheels… we’re not pushing “send”…we’re in DRAFT mode.  It’s bullshit.

So the real thing here is this… we’re playing at the top of our game, respectively… but we are scared to punch through the ceiling, and play on ANOTHER LEVEL.   We’re content to be big fish in a “smaller” easier, less scary, or manageable pond.  Get it?

I call BS on myself, and you if you’re resonating.

I’ve been a technology lover since I can remember, but I got into the restaurant biz, now 26 years later, it’s time to diversify.

Ok…don’t get me wrong, I love the restaurant business, and have empathy for all restaurateurs, but why am I not claiming my technology love?

I mean, if I TRULY identify with tech, then I HAVE to learn, REALLY learn my shit, right?

Maybe I’ll outsource, but I have to really own the fact that my online profiles, platforms and products…need to sell, right?

I know my info is good, I know that I have passion for it all, but truly living the cause, ramps us up a bunch, doesn’t it?










I’m committed to the restaurant game, challenge me on that one?

My question is, what are YOU committed to?

Are you playing safe, being easy, succumbing to the simple life, where when you’re 90, you regret?

F*ck that.  I’m not playing that sissy game, not me.

Time to get my Apple tattoo, left forearm, ripped and exposed.  Geeky shit.  What ev, it’s my passion, and only ACTION will show me (myself) that I’m for real.